Being Content in Discontentment

     We all have dreams and aspirations. Some of us want to make the world a better place. Many of us want to make our lives better. Yet, we seem to be stuck; we seem to struggle to leave our emotional, physical, or spiritual ruts. However, we don’t always make the effort to leave our standstill positions. Rather, we grow comfortable in our discomfort.

     We become content in our discontentment: we don’t like where our lives are, but we are too comfortable with our current status to change our lives. We may despise our career or education. We may feel inadequate with our lifestyle. We may feel unhappy and unappreciated in our relationships. We may feel a lack of fulfillment in where we are spiritually and emotionally. Yet, no matter how much we may complain or bemoan our situations or interpersonal interactions, we seem to be unable to find the motivation, passion, and determination to make necessary changes in our lives.

     However, we are able to change our mindset. We are able to change for the better. We are able to choose our employment and academic paths. We are able to leave unhealthy relationships and come to healthy ones. We are able to become healthier emotionally, spiritually, and physically. But, to do these things-to make our lives and ourselves better-we need to move out of contentment; we need to stop being comfortable with discontentment and do something about the things that stress, hurt, or bother us.

     A new year is quickly approaching; let’s make 2020 a year of leaving contentment and strive for something more.

Mediocre Love-Poem

Mediocre Love

Falling for

A mediocre

Person is

A tragedy.


You’re a

Diamond willing

To give

So much,


And they’re

A rock

With nothing

To return.

Broken Flowers-Poem

Broken Flowers

We were

Once one

In our thoughts

And our hearts.


There was

A time

When I thought

You were the one.


People in

Our lives

Sucked us dry

With no remorse.


I beg

For forgiveness

In letting

Them be involved.


I forgive

You for

Letting them

Make me bleed.


Half my

Heart is

Still with



You could put

It in a

Box with words

We should have uttered.


I could open

My mouth to

Profess my adoration

To you.


Maybe we can

Stop feeling alone

If our broken

Pieces are back together.

Wasteful People-Poem

Wasteful People

People want

You to

Obsess and

Stress over them.


People want

To be

The source

Of tension.


People want

You to

Watch and

Examine them.


Why obsess

Over them?

Why give

People your air?


People want

To push

Your buttons to

Make you snap.


People want

You to

Cry over



Why let

Them in?

Why let them

Ruin your light?


These people

Are useless

In wasting

Your time.


Their lack

Of motivation

Makes them

Destroy others.


Beautiful flame,

Do not

Let them

Choke your passion.


Do not

Allow them

To tear

You apart.


You have

Much to

Offer in

This decaying world.


Keep being

You and

Fight against

The pain.


People who need

To ruin others

Only ruin themselves

In the end.

Broken Strings-Poem

Broken Strings

Fraying lines

Greet me as

I look into

Your eyes.


And I

Wished the binds

That held us

Remained firm.


I wish

I could have

Held myself much

More tightly.


I wish

You never felt

The need to

Cut the strings.


The binds

That held us

Strongly has sickened

And weakened.


We barely

See eye-to-

Eye anymore with

Our broke strings.


Joy wrapped

Around our cables

In the golden

Old days.


The cables

Never rusted, even

In the midst

Of weathered emotions.


But now, the

Ropes are loosening

And falling apart

At the seams.


The joy that

Was once there

Has transformed

Into agony.


The binds that

Held us so

Strong have

Sickened and weakened.


I wanted to

Hold onto you

More than

You’ll ever know.


We’re falling

Apart with each

Other from our

Broken strings.


I despise

Myself for not

Trying harder to fix

The fraying knots between us.


I wish we

Both were more

Careful in not

Letting our joy dissolve.


Our binds

Have weakened

Far between

Our hearts.


But, we’re

Falling apart from

Each other with

Our broken strings.

What is Love?-Poem

What is Love?

What is love?

Is it a breath

In the wind, beckoning

You to go to the one?


Is it the feeling

Of relief you feel

When you see that

Person face-to-face?


Or, is it the desire

To be vulnerable, to

Feel completely understood

By that sole person?


Love is not

A fickle emotion;

It should not

Sway to-and-fro.


Love is not

A corrupt emotion.

It should not

Be confused with lust.


Love is not

A hateful emotion.

It should not

Contain resentment or rejection.


Love is a

Unique emotion

That is more

Than a feeling.


So, what is love?

Love is adoration.

There is no resentment,

Nor there is envy.


Love is confident.

There is no insecurity,

Nor is there inferiority.

Equality is of love.


Love is strong.

There is no confusion,

Nor is there doubt.

Assurance is its essence.


Love is commitment.

There is no

Passing emotion-

Only hope and affection.

Oh, How I Loved You-Poem

Oh, How I Loved You

Oh, how I loved you,

My morning and my night.

To draw into your gaze

Was a bit of Heaven.


You were the lovely knight

Who rescued me from loneliness.

You were my truest love-

Heart, mind, body, and spirit.


You once kept me warm

In the coldest of nights.

Now, my heart is cold,

And your warm embrace disappeared.


You once made me smile

Just by walking near me.

Now, I walk a path

Of solitude because of you.


You once silenced my heart

With a kiss of adoration.

Now, my lips are opened

And full of agonizing words.


Oh, how I loved you.

You were my truest love.

But now, you are gone,

And I am all alone.


You were my lovely prince,

And I was your princess.

You gave me your secret

Smile with an adoring rose.


You once held my hand,

Even on the hardest day.

Now, my hands feel icy

Cold without your warm touch.


You once gave me a

Jewel of compassion and love.

Now, I can barely touch

The stone without a tear.


You were once my dream

I wanted to see through.

I thought we would have

A future together in harmony.


You were once my hope;

I could dream of you.

Now, you are a nightmare-

And the dream has died.


You were once my love.

Now, I have hatred for you.

You have a piece of

My heart, and I yours.


Oh, how I adored you,

My prince and my knight.

But now, you have vanished,

And I am all alone.