Quick Fixes Prolong Problems, Not End Them

     Negative events and emotions aren’t fun to experience. We cringe at the notion of enduring anything humiliating or painful. Yet, as life has good moments, it also has bad moments that are unable to be avoided. Furthermore, quick fixes to negative emotions or events create temporary solutions-and even bigger problems.

     We have moments in life in which we try to numb our pain in order to avoid the problem in front of us. We may rebound into a new relationship in order to not feel the pain of our breakup. We may turn to substances and alcohol as a way to keep negative feelings at bay. We may use supplements and natural remedies in order to put a bandage on a more serious health matter. Yet, when we make these temporary solutions, we’re only prolonging the problems we’re desperately trying to avoid; thus, we end up worsening and lengthening problems that would have been able to end through time, self-reflection, and care. We also deny ourselves the chance to live a fulfilling and loving life.

     Pain is unavoidable in this life. We will face it constantly in any stage of life we have. Yet, pain doesn’t have to be all that bad. It is able to teach us lessons of who we want to be, who we should have around us, and how we’re able to take care of ourselves. It is able to help us see what is good or bad in our lives, and if those things are able to be fixed. When we create quick fixes, we’re denying ourselves the chance to grow and to be better to others and to ourselves.

     Quick fixes seem like great solutions, but they’re only merely bandaging a problem that will fester and rot if not dealt with immediately. In order to grow and to heal, we need to confront what we experienced and felt. Then, we’ll be able to head toward solutions.

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