Cultivate an Identity of Self-Worth

     I’ve been learning a lot about myself the past eight months. I’ve learned about negative interpersonal patterns I’ve developed from my childhood. I’ve learned about my limits in different areas of my life. Mostly, I’ve learned about the importance of my self-worth-and why I need to grow in my identity as a person.

     Self-worth is an important concept for us to embody in our identity. Self-worth means to have respect for ourselves; to confidently believe that we have worth in our character and abilities. A lot of us have lost our sense of self-worth from painful experiences in our childhood, heartbreaking relationships, and increasing insecurities. However, our self-worth doesn’t have to disappear from our lives; rather, it is able to be built and cemented into our identities.

     We need to cultivate an identity of self-worth: not just to be healthy in positive platonic and romantic relationships, but to be healthy in our bodies, souls, and spirits. We have so much worth-more than we realize. Therefore, we need to blossom into who we are in order to continue to grow as the healthy people we’re meant to be. 

    I’ve come to accept and to embrace my self-worth, as well as the importance of cultivating a healthy sense of self-worth in who I am. My encouragement and hope are for everyone to learn to see themselves in a positive light-and to see how much worth they truly have.

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