People Around You Can Make or Break Your Character

     We all have relationships and interactions with people around us. We create friendships, partnerships, or romances with various people who enter our lives. Yet, we need to be cautious in who we allow to influence us-for not everyone is positive.

     We are in charge of our identities at the end of the day; however, those we choose to be around are able to positively or negatively influence our character. They are able to help us grow into more compassionate, motivated, and unique individuals. Or, they are able to hinder us from growth and bring us down a path of apathy, selfishness, and emptiness. The people we choose as friends and lovers are able to make or break our character.

     Perhaps you’ve seen these instances of negative influences dismantling relationships in your life. Maybe your significant other transformed from being a kind and thoughtful person to someone manipulative and mean based on who they had as friends. Maybe your best friend went from being a studious individual to someone who stopped caring about their accomplishments because of who they dated. Maybe you yourself were negatively influenced by those with whom you interacted, and they left you feeling discouraged and numb after you’d spend time with them.

    I’ve seen how the influence of both positive and negative people in my own twenty-five years of life. I’ve had some great relationships and friendships destroyed over the people who were affecting them in all their interpersonal connections and their own introspection. I’ve had disheartening friends and significant others who were often angry, apathetic, manipulative, melancholy, and selfish. I’d find these traits following me in how I interacted with others and how I looked at myself. 

   Yet, I have witnessed how positive people are able to produce such a healthy and light atmosphere for others and me. I’m blessed to have seen how they touched others’ lives in such a profound way; I’m beyond blessed to have experienced how they have touched my life, and have encouraged me in my growth as a person. 

    My encouragement to anyone reading this is to evaluate who you have around you. You don’t want to be around people who will break your character; you want to be around people who will make it.

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