The Act of Keeping It Together When You Feel Like Falling Apart

     Hey, everyone! I’m back with another post. I want to discuss a topic that I feel we all have struggles with: the act of keeping it together when you feel like falling apart.

     So, what does keeping it together while falling apart mean? It could mean telling people you’re doing fine when you’re anything but fine. It could mean swallowing your feelings so no one sees how things are truly bothering you. It could mean pretending that life is going great when it’s going terribly. It could mean giving fake smiles to people when you feel like crying. It could mean posting happy photos and statuses on social media when you feel burdened by sorrow in real life. We all have our moments of pretending we’re okay when we’re not even close to it.

     Pretending to be okay is able to be extremely painful and draining. We feel as if we could burden others with our problems; or, some of us may feel that we can handle everything all on our own. We may be too scared or prideful to be open and vulnerable with others on what is really happening in our lives. We may feel misunderstood or judged in our circumstances. However, when we handle things alone, the problems become more suffocating and horrifying. We feel empty, numb, and hopeless in our struggles. We have to be honest and real about our feelings in order to feel support and some relief.

     Being honest with others about what you’re enduring is okay. Asking for help to get back on your feet is okay. And taking care of yourself is okay. We don’t have to keep up an act when we’re hurting inside. In being honest about our struggles, we’re taking the first step towards healing.


  1. Crystal Ann · February 16

    Very true, and SO important. Thank you for your post. 💛


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