Be the Hero in Someone’s Story

     Life is full of connecting with people. We are born into families; and throughout our years, we will come to meet other people. These people will become our friends, lovers, mentors, inspirations. Some may remain in the background of your journey. Some may be the ones who hurt you in your story. Or, some may help you along the way.

     We all have the ability to be a hero or a villain in someone’s story. We may be the ones to make them laugh until they cry-or wound them until they cry. We may be the ones who will lift them off their feet-or knock them on their knees. We may be the ones to encourage them to pursue their dreams-or discourage them from ever trying. We are able to make or break a person.

     Sometimes, we forget that what we say and do is able to positively or negatively affect others. We have the power to raise them up or tear them down in our words and actions. We have the power to make someone happy or sad. We have the power to make someone feel a part of something or to feel utterly alone. We are able to bring harmony or chaos into someone’s life based on how we treat their emotions, circumstances, and overall self.

     Furthermore, we often ignore or stand by when things in people’s lives are falling apart. We think we might be “helping” them in not doing anything at all. However, in doing nothing, we’re not helping anyone; rather, we usually make matters worse for the ones who are suffering in being blind to what they’re enduring. In our excuses and attempts to pretend to be heroes, we in reality are the villains.

     We all have our own story. We have our moments of peace and war, joy and sorrow, and success and failure. Even though we all are capable of making our own choices and thinking for ourselves, we are still able to shape or warp how people see their situations, others, and even themselves. Our smallest decisions-to either help, hinder, or ignore someone-is able to speak large volumes.

     We truly are able to fill someone’s life with either light or darkness-hope and hopelessness. We need to be intentional in being there for those in need. We need to be compassionate when others are suffering. And, we need to give to those who may have nothing. Instead of being the villain in someone’s story-be the hero who makes a positive difference.

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