Hurt People Hurt People


     Life is full of experiences. Some of our experiences are able to be beautiful, joyful, and healing. Other moments are able to be ugly, sorrowful, and painful. When we undergo any of these events in our lives, they are able to become part of our personality, as well as influence our interactions with others.

     A problem we may encounter is allowing our experiences to influence how we treat others-positively or negatively. Throughout my own life experiences, I have seen people take their pain and trauma to help them become better individuals: individuals who wanted to give others the love they never received; individuals who wanted to create peace and awareness; individuals who did not want to add to the destruction that already infected the world. However, not everyone is able to take their bad experiences and make good come from them.

     I also have seen in my own life people abusing and manipulating others because of their own pain and trauma. I have seen bullied individuals become bullies themselves; I have seen individuals create chaos and confusion. I have seen individuals attempt to add more fuel to the destruction that pollutes the world. Unfortunately, some people use their pain to create more pain for those around them, making others experience the hatred, embarrassment, heartache, and fear they endured.

     We need more compassion, empathy, and love in this world. And everyone deserves to have healing and closure for their pain and trauma. However, none of us should feel justified in taking our experiences out on others; none of us should thrive in making others undergo the same feelings we endured. We’re not confronting and healing from our problems; we’re just covering up our wounds and making others suffer for situations they didn’t cause.

     Allow yourself to heal from your experiences; give yourself the chance to grow from what you endured; and don’t abuse others based off your history.

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