Appreciate the Diamonds in Your Life

   We all will meet different kinds of people throughout our life. We will have times of joy and sorrow, laughter and tears, and peace and arguments. Some people in our lives may be our biggest triggers, fears, and heartbreaks, causing us much pain and humiliation. Hence, we need to appreciate those in our lives who aren’t like that.

     We need to appreciate those in our lives who are-or were-our biggest supporters, advocates, and defenders. They gave us the compassion and love we never experienced or had for long. These people serve as diamonds in our lives: giving shine to our experiences, feelings, and thoughts when we otherwise felt defeated and trapped in darkness. Therefore, they deserve our appreciation and support-not apathy or ungratefulness for all they do.

     No one is perfect; we all are capable of hurting those we love. However, if possible, we are able to apologize and make things right with others. If anyone has treated the diamonds in their lives as rocks, do the right thing: repent and validate them. Tell them and show them you care. Make amends as best as you are able. Give them the love and compassion they gave you. 

     Life is able to be full of hurtful, manipulative, and selfish people who are able to break us into pieces. Therefore, let us treat the compassionate, selfless, and encouraging people in our lives as the diamonds they are.

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