Wasteful People-Poem

Wasteful People

People want

You to

Obsess and

Stress over them.


People want

To be

The source

Of tension.


People want

You to

Watch and

Examine them.


Why obsess

Over them?

Why give

People your air?


People want

To push

Your buttons to

Make you snap.


People want

You to

Cry over



Why let

Them in?

Why let them

Ruin your light?


These people

Are useless

In wasting

Your time.


Their lack

Of motivation

Makes them

Destroy others.


Beautiful flame,

Do not

Let them

Choke your passion.


Do not

Allow them

To tear

You apart.


You have

Much to

Offer in

This decaying world.


Keep being

You and

Fight against

The pain.


People who need

To ruin others

Only ruin themselves

In the end.

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