Speak Life or Death

    Words are powerful; in fact, they’re more mighty than we give them credit. With words, God breathed life into existence. With words, leaders throughout history captivated millions into fighting for and believing in what was right. With words, writers and performers craft stories that touch our very souls. Words are not only powerful, but they’re important. Your interactions with others, your motivations in causes, and your perception of yourself are able to speak words of life or death.

    I’m sure you’ve experienced some negative situations in your own life. Maybe your father called you stupid and now you feel insecure in having big goals. Perhaps you struggle with how your appearance because some peers in high school made fun of you for how you looked. Maybe a significant other made you believe that you were the source of problems in the relationship and made you feel that anything you said or did was worthless. Such circumstances are examples of words of death.

   Words of death are like poison we’re forced to drink: they make us lack self-esteem, feel that our dreams are silly, and destroy our value in relationships. Such negative connotations create feelings of rejection, doubt, and fear in us.

   Thankfully, there are positive experiences, too. Perhaps a teacher complimented you on how well you did throughout the school year and created feelings of pride within you. Maybe your grandparents supported you in your goals of being a doctor, and were so happy to see you accomplish those dreams. Perhaps your child thanked you for all you’ve done for them. On the other hand of words of death, we have words of life.

   Words of life are like seeds of encouragement in our lives. Even when we face opposition, positive voices are able to help us continue to strive and to pursue our dreams. Words of life boost our self-confidence, fill us with joy, and give us hope.

    We’ve all experienced both words of life and death being spoken to us in our lives. We’ve spoken positivity and negativity over others’ lives. At the end of the day, words are able to break us or make us. With words of death, we have to break the hold they have over our lives. With words of life, we have to use them to help us keep going.

     So, what will you do? Will you loosen the chains words of death have over you? Will you speak words of life, not only over yourself, but over others? Choose wisely.


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