Anxiety Worsens Situations

    Anxiety acts as both the bullet and the gun in confronting problems within and outside of yourself.

    Anxiety makes you constantly over-analyze a situation until you’re beating it to death in your mind. It makes you overthink what you should say or do when your supposed, exhausted solutions craft more conflicts for yourself. It makes already poor situations rich with doubt and strife.

    Anxiety makes you think it’s your objective assistant in making your life easier; in reality, anxiety is your subjective accomplice in making your life harder.

    I am able to recall numerous experiences in which I gave into my anxiety, and it ended up making matters worse. In craving for an ex to sit down with me and to work things out, I became overly pushy, insecure, and heartbroken; he then walked away from me because I didn’t give him space to think. In resolving conflicts with friends, I became smitten by fast and immediate solutions; I then became beaten down by long-lasting, entangled conflicts with people who begin to doubt my role in their life as a healthy friend. In wanting to improve my character, I overworked myself to the point I barely had anything to give to anyone or to myself.

    Anxiety makes you feel defeated when all you want to do is win at least once in your life. Yet, anxiety doesn’t have to be the end-all to resolving conflict. For my own life, I’ve learned that writing down my feelings and receiving accountability have assisted me in obtaining a more logical, stable perspective. Attending therapy has also been helpful in receiving objective standpoints in why I have anxiety over certain circumstances and how I am able to handle them in a more appropriate, calming manner.

    Anxiety may be the catalyst in worsening situations. However, you have the power to defuse anxiety before it explodes.


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